The known world, the continent of Myphion, stretches from the Western Isles to the Great Eastern Shore, and from the steaming jungles and swamps of the North to the arid and scorching deserts of the South. Sprawling cities of men lie scattered along the coasts, rival guilds vie for power as their merchant fleets facilitate trade of all kinds. As one travels inland the signs of civilisation grow fewer and farther between and the wilderness grows darker, scattered towns and villages provide islands of respite for weary travellers. Gradually the hills and forests give way to great mountain ranges, and at the centre of the continent they collide producing the High Peaks. It is around these peaks that the crackling thunderclouds and swirling vortex of The Everstorm rages.

Origins of the Everstorm
Before the creation of The Everstorm, the High Elves maintained a watchful vigil over Myphion, evil forces were kept in check with might and magic. The fouler creatures cowered fearful in the depths of the earth. Across the land towering citadels of marble reached for the heavens, there mountaintop presence a reminder of the elves power. The ruling Archmages sought ever greater control over the arcane arts, some say to the point of obsession. As with all things, this supremacy could not last forever and it came to an abrupt end on what has become known as the Night of Thunder.
For several weeks unseasonal storm clouds began to gather around the High Peaks. Rumour spreads of elven armies marching through the mountains, knights astride mighty griffons, and white banners thrashing in the wind. On the Night of Thunder the world was awoken and distant blasts of arcane energy and hell-fire lit up the night sky. The very fabric of the world was torn open and vast rifts appeared in the sky. Billowing clouds of toxic gas begun to funnel down the mountain valleys and fire rained from the sky.
From then on the Everstorm has raged, centred on the High Peaks, the constant cyclone of energy wreaking havoc on the world. Little is known of what befell the High Elves on this day, all that is certain is that they have disappeared from the world, their citadels lie in ruins, and their secrets appear lost.

A Darker Age
It is here that our story really begins, a High Elf hasn’t been seen in nearly 20 years and a whole generation of humans has grown up with the constant threat of storm clouds on the horizon. These are dark and troubled times you live in.